Fertility - The Wish for a Child

Many couples believe that after the cessation of contraceptive methods, conception is immediately possible. Very often however, this won’t be the case. It’s not an issue to worry about at first, unless no pregnancy has resulted after one year of regular intercourse without the use of contraceptive measures. After this, ‘sterility’ should start to be discussed.

The explanation for this can equally be found in both males and females, due to physical or psychological reasons, female age, malnourishment or tobacco smoking.

In Germany, around 18% of all couples are affected by unwelcomed sterility – although this rate is certainly higher - as infertility is often a taboo topic and carries with it a variety of sensitive emotions, and sometimes feelings of inferiority or shame.

Please approach us – we are here to help!

In most cases, total sterility is not apparent, but rather a more or less transient interference. In order to detect these interferences, we at first conduct a diagnostic conversation with patients. After that, we formulate a diagnostic plan and determine possible treatment steps. Very often the cause of infertility can be treated, which can then facilitate natural conception.

What do statistics tell us about the chances of still being able to fall pregnant?

The international statistics disclose an overall pregnancy rate of 20 to 25% after embryo transfer. This number does not sound like a lot - but is actually just 5% less - when compared to healthy couples who have regular unprotected intercourse.

Due to this fact, it’s important not to consider sterility as a relationship crisis, but rather seek our help in order to have a chance at becoming blessed parents! Counselling for couples is offered as well, which is individual and suited for your needs and wishes, specifically addressing your situation.

Planning of the treatment course follows a motto along the lines of “as much as necessary, as little as possible”, which means to help the couple affected achieve pregnancy with limited strain (physical, psychological and financial).