Holistic Fertility Treatment

Although the unfulfilled wish for an own (biological) child can be a great difficulty for many couples – approximately up to 20% - most are able to be helped by more or less affordable fertility treatment.

Infertility problems predictably raise concerns in couples such as: Why aren’t we able to conceive? Where does the problem lie? What can be done?

The astonishing progress of medical science today allows couples, who might never have been able have an own child until these advancements came about, to fulfil their wish for a baby.

Despite the improvements in new technology and increased knowledge regarding fertility and its relative treatments, modern medicine cannot guarantee success in every scenario. An estimated 80% of couples with fertility difficulties can be helped, to provide a pregnancy and then an own child through effective fertility treatment.

It is not unheard of that several treatment cycles will be necessary for couples to eventually have a child. The sensitive issue of infertility is usually approached by specialised and certified fertility clinics.

Our Fertility Centre (Kinderwunsch-Zentrum) Esslingen / Stuttgart is specialised in individual and couple-oriented counselling, diagnosis and treatment of infertility.

The amenities and services at our fertility centre enable the conduct of all the common, and by the German legislation permitted procedures of fertility treatment up to IVF, to be carried out.